Right now the Albany County Sheriffs and Colonie Police are conducting a manhunt that is taking them right here outside of our Q103 studios.  Things are getting pretty intense outside.

As I came in this morning I saw a car parked in the middle of someones yard on Kings Rd in Schenectady.  I didn't really think anything of it until the Police started circling our building and flying in and out of our parking lot.

Turns out the owner of said vehicle crashed into someones fence and got into a chase with the Colonie Police and then he abandoned his car just outside of our building located in the Pine Bush area.  Sean McMaster from our sister station came in the building after talking to the Police and found out the details.  Our Q103 news girl Casey Danton even spotted the guy walk across the front of our parking lot.

The cops have been in and out of our parking lot with spot lights all morning searching for this guy.  They even asked me a few questions.  So technically I can now say I was part of a Police manhunt.