So apparently the women who work at an Albany area spa aren't there to see your junk, as evidenced by a man being arrested for doing just that. However he did call it a 'skin condition' which perhaps technical it is, but still not really something they can help with at the spa.

Colonie Police

It gets worse though - not only did the 46 year old John Owensby whip it out, he also asked them to 'touch it'. Maybe he confused the massage parlor with the spa. Perhaps he really thought they could help him 'relax'. Or we could go out on a limb and say that he might just have done something a tad inappropriate. According to the Colonie Police:

Mr. Owensby took off his pants and showed the salon employee his privates and then asked her to touch him.

Mr. Owensby drove over from Massachusetts for this little charade back in July of 2012, and he might have gotten away with it, except that he was a return customer to the spa.

We can't help but to wonder - if he was so horny, why didn't he just drive a few blocks down from the Evo Salon on Loudon Road (where he exposed himself) to the strip club on the corner. Although it isn't polite to ask them to touch it either. Or show it to them. Or anyone.