People try to sneak into SPAC shows all the time. The key to success is maintaining your composure, and being super drunk probably isn't your best plan of action.

When 22 year old Kevin Beaudette decided to go to Nickelback on Tuesday night, he probably didn't think he'd be making the news. Unfortunately for Kevin, he took a little tumble, and needed to be rescued.

You see, Kevin decided to get hammered, then try and sneak his way into SPAC. In all my life, I have never heard of anyone successfully sneaking into SPAC in recent years. Gotta give Kevin credit for trying, though. While walking along an embankment, he slipped, and fell. He fell 40 feet at the Geyser Brook Gorge.

He wasn't seriously injured, and so far no charges have been filed. We can't help to think that it would have been perfect if Nickelback was playing 'Savin' Me' while he was being rescued. That would have been perfect.

[Via Times Union]