A 34 year-old man who suffered an abdomen wound after being gored by a bison at a local buffalo farm was released from Albany Medical Center. Can you say lucky!? While it's sad this happened the warning signs were there all along.

The unidentified man who was herding buffalo into a pen readying them for transport at the Grumpy Buffalo Farm in Richmondville...  Wait, what? Let's take a step back here.

'Grumpy Buffalo Farm?' Chances are, those buffalo and bison aren't happy. But I get it, dude has to earn and what a great little way to do it. There's a ton of cash in trucking and hauling livestock, so I get it. That name though, that name bothers me. It has disaster written all over it. Just sounds dangerous. But like I said, dude has to earn so I get it.

On a happier note, the victim is relaxing and getting better. After being lifted into the air by an angry beast with horns attached to it's melon dude deserves to rest for as long as it takes. Ouch!