There are many things you can get at the Tractor Supply Company. Dildos are not one of them, trust us we looked. Thought we were close when we found the "Riding Toys" category, but we were wrong. So when Ralph Polnicky claims an 8 '' dildo was sent to his house because of an incident that happened at the Tractor Supply Company, we had to get to the bottom of this.

It turns out that Ralph Polnicky went to the the Tractor Supply Company to complain about an order that he felt was taking too long to get to delivered. After the confrontation on his way out of the store he said he heard an employee say "don't come back". Coincidently the same thing was written on the rubber penis that was sent to his house. Also written in the sex toy was "Ralph is a D*ck !!". To drive the point home by writing Ralph is a D*ck on an actual D*ck was a nice touch.