Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

You can write as many citations and fines that you want, but you can never take away my freedom and love for ‘Merica! These colors don’t run and neither does Brent Greer of Bradenton, Fla.Apparently an anonymous call to the city triggered a visit to the Greer home by city officials. When the city code enforcement officers inspected Brent’s home that is 110 years old, they found several things they did not approve of. On the list of violations was lack of screens on windows, peeling house paint, yard debris, and rotted and loose wood.

I can understand the rotted wood part and the yard stuff, but peeling paint and missing screens? What classy nitpicking neighborhood is this? Mr. Rodgers didn’t even have screens on his windows and he’s everyone’s favorite cardigan-sporting neighbor.

Brent’s response to the citations and fines from the city was simple. Brent and his wife painted the front of their house to be a giant American flag. This protest is brilliant. “You think my house is unfit for this city? Then you hate America!” I have a feeling this guy will never have to pay another fine again so long as he lives in old glory.