Talk about a family twist that I am sure no one saw coming. A Bryon Township, MI man was watching the news one night only to see photos of his mother robbing a bank.

Surveillance photos flashed across the screen of Dee Ann Sanders, 53, robbing a bank.  That's when her son called the FBI to notify them it was her and she was, in fact, at his house.

The robbery occurred around 4:10 pm on June 18. Dee Ann stood for several minutes a kiosk inside the bank, writing on a deposit slip. After that, Dee Ann walked up to a telling and handed her the slip that had a note demanding $2,500 for her "children and grandchildren." She made off with about $1,092.

Dee Ann admitted to police she robbed the banks claiming about "problems with her husband, causing her to have crack-cocaine addiction-related urges," according to the FBI's report.

She is being arraigned today (June 27th) in a Grand Rapids, MI court.