A New Hampshire man's YouTube video channel lands him jail after posting instructional videos on growing pot.

Kyle Berry was arrested after police received a tip about his video series showing how to properly grow marijuana. When police came to visit Kyle they found over a dozen pot plants and a pound of processed marijuana.

According to police the videos were very detailed from where to get seeds, chemicals to use, how to set it up, and the growing process.

Berry has pleaded guilty to charges of "manufacturing a controlled drug" but told the court he never intended to sell the drugs rather he was going to use them for medical purposes. The judge ordered Berry to one year in jail with four months suspended.

Assistant Rockingham County Attorney Jerome Blanchard brilliantly commented on the case to WMUR by saying:

Someone can't be all that smart to go on YouTube and post the types of video footage that (he) did.

Well said sir but I also think Dave Chapple also said it best in Half Baked