There are a lot of weird things out there and pedophilia is among the most sick and disgusting thing in the world. However, this guy is not a pedophile.

What this man was doing in the story from was simply the acts of a economy busting supportive American. He paid teenagers to yell profanities, spit and urinate on him, and slap him around. I know you’re thinking ,“hot”, right? I know, what lucky kids. That’s the easiest job one could have. All the things you wish you could do to a dick-faced weirdo and get paid for it? Sign me up. There’s not much I wouldn’t do for money, especially if its something that’s not sexual. I don’t care if the person gets off from it, I’m just spitting, nothing gay there. Right?

What kid told on this guy? Some entrepreneur you are, you had your college education all set and paid for and you blow it! Good thing the court system found this man not guilty, so I might be able to contact him and show him how much phlegm I can hulk up. So long radio personality job, I’m moving up to the big leagues!