In a drunken stupor I've had my share of some crazy nights. Waking up the next morning with objects from the night before, phone numbers, pictures, and trying to recall what-the-hell-happened. Never have I had a night like Matthew Anderson in Alabama.

Matthew was being treated for a DUI crash last Friday when, according the police, he got up and left the hospital. Keep in mind, Matthew was still drunk at this point.

In Matthew's mind, he needed a ride home and he found one in a running ambulance out front of the hospital. He hopped in and drove for roughly a mile down the road before  becoming stuck in the mud on a dead end road.

This didn't stop Matthew's night; He began to walk on foot where he soon found a stable with horses. He attempted to saddle up two separate horses but was too drunk to do so.

Result? Matthew stole the owner of the stable's car and began to drive again. He didn't make it to far as he crashed again. This accident reopened the wounds from the original car crash.

Matthew finally gave up and returned to hospital where he was originally being treated. A nurse recognized Matthew and called police.

This will now be Matthew's second DUI arrest in 2 months - Got a problem much?