It's like something you would have seen out of a classic Three Stooges short film, A Polish man "ironed" his face thinking he was answer his phone.

He was trying to impress his wife by doing housework, first mistake - the impressing part, not the housework but that was the second mistake. In his attempts to prove his was just as good at cleaning as his wife, Tomas Paczkowski injured himself in ways that could have almost been on "1001 Ways To Die".

Tomas explains ""I decided to do the ironing while she was out at work, just to prove a point. Women are always going on about multi-tasking, so I set up the iron, opened a beer and put the boxing on the telly." (third mistake)

Tomas got so involved in the boxing match he was not paying attention to what exactly he was doing. The phone rang and he picked up the hot iron, which ways way more then a phone, and dressed it against his face.

Now it's time for Mistake #4 - After burning himself, Tomas ran to put water on the wound only to run into the bathroom door in route. The result? A black eye.

Tomas was treated and released. He now says he won't be doing any housework any time soon again. No comment from his wife, whom I have to assume was laughing up a storm when she heard the news while trying to act remorseful of the situation.

Now enjoy Shemp and his battles with the ironing board.