If you are shoving giant greasy burgers down your throat for most of your life, then chances are you may not be the healthiest person.  The Heart Attack Grill thrives on that, and they have now lived up to their infamous name.

While enjoying the deliciousness that is the "Triple Bypass Burger", a man suffered something that may actually require that procedure.   A man was eating at the famous Vegas burger joint when he reportedly got the sweats and started to shake.  Fortunately he did survive, but perhaps he will think about a nice salad next time instead of a triple burger.

The menu at the Heart Attack Grill doesn't really give what you would call a healthy option.  It's also just more proof of American excess at it's best.  Just take one look at the menu and it's no wonder the guy had a heart attack.  You can get up to four patties, which is just totally over the top. You can even order cigarettes off the menu while women dressed as seductive nurses take care of you.  It's a total novelty place, but this is why we really need to watch what we put into our bodies.