A Yukon man was fined $500 after he intentionally swallowed the human toe that comes served in the cocktail he had ordered. More importantly there are human toes being served in the Yukon as cocktails! I have always been a big fan of Canada. I looked at Canadians as polite, clean and excellent hockey players. But after learning about this story I think my opinions may be a little skewed.

“The man was at the Downtown Hotel Saturday night drinking the infamous Sourtoe Cocktail, which involves swigging a shot of whiskey with a human toe in the glass and allowing the toe to touch the drinker's lips.

This time, the patron swallowed the digit — on purpose.

The hotel's so-called toe captain, Terry Lee, performed the drink ceremony, and said the man took the shot, gulped down the toe and then slapped $500 dollars on the counter, the fine for swallowing the appendage.” -HP

Finger food I get, but toe-cocktails is about where I draw the line. It really has nothing to do with the cannibalism of the whole event, more or less it’s the unknowing of who’s toe that is. If we are talking like Rulon Gardner ‘s toe, sure yeah I’m in. (Look up Rulon Gardner because that’s a funny joke!) but if this is some dirty homeless lepers toe that you found out back one night then I’d have to pass.

“"Right now the toe we are using, we are going to be using it continuously, and it's going to deteriorate. We're going to have to get rid of that toe once it starts falling apart," –HP

Does this mean they will have to get a new toe? Where can you just acquire a new toe? Is there a section at Costco that I am unaware of? Is there a human meats section way in the back or something?