This week we tackle something on top of most bucket lists. If it's not on top of yours hopefully this video will change your mind. 

I'm not going to lie, jumping out of a plane was never a high priority for me but I have had a couple of friends that had done it and loved it. When I heard them talk about it, I would say "yeah cool I have to try it sometime" and never gave it another thought. I now know there are no magic set of words that can give it justice. While video still can't give you the full experience it can bring you closer to the action. The fact still remains if you want an adventure of a life time you will have to make the jump yourself.

I would also like to thank my accomplice, Kelly, as having someone else to jump with makes the car ride home a lot more fun.

The people over at Saratoga Skydiving and Adventures are pros with safety as their top priority. James McNair was our instructor, his focus on our comfort while keeping the training fun made it so we could really enjoy our jump.

It just might be time to make your own video with the help from our sponsor Saratoga Skydiving and Adventures.