Welcome to Man Hacks. This is the place where we try to make every day tasks easier for us men. This week we tackle Kraft Mac 'n Cheese.

As men with busy schedules, It's hard to find the time to make good home cooked meals, especially if your single. So we find ourselves eating fast food or things that are quick and easy to make at home.

Kraft Mac 'n Cheese is one of these meals that we can make quickly at home. One drawback is when you try to mix everything in one pot, you tend to get clumps in the cheese. So I use two pots. This way I can pre-mix the cheese sauce before mixing in my noodles.

And to give that Mac 'n Cheese that home cooked meal feel, I added a couple of quick things to this video recipe.

I would take the time to write out the recipe, but who has time for that? Besides, we all know dudes don't read recipes. Or the instruction that come with the home entertainment center for that matter.