It's the classic story of boy meets girl online, boy goes to meet girl in person, boy finds out girl is actually a guy that lured him there so he and his friends can rob him.

That's what is alleged to have happened earlier this week in Albany.

According to police a Queensbury man went to an apartment on State Street in Albany to meet up with what he thought was a woman he met online using the service 'Backpage.'

Upon entering the apartment that the man was invited to, he realized that there was no woman to meet. Rather there were three men waiting to rob him. The accused robbers Torrence Wilson, Shawndale Alexander, and Dajuanta Alexander blocked the man in the apartment and allegedly tried to steal his money.

The Queensbury man was able to make it to a window and tried to escape but the alleged robbers pushed him out, forcing him to fall 21 feet to the ground. He suffered several injuries to his ankles and legs; he was transported to Albany Med for further care.

The three accused robbers have been charged with attempted robbery and unlawful imprisonment.

Lesson here, be careful who meet with in person from online.