I like to believe there are stupid people everywhere. However, it seems as if the south just has more then most places. I have two brothers and there are a lot of things I would do for either of them in a heart beat. But, what this guy did for his brother to try and help him from getting in trouble with the law is not one of them. I wouldn’t even do this even if there was a FIRE!

According to Clickondtroit.com a man in South Carolina died shortly after eating cocaine from his brother’s ass. I suppose “ass” isn’t the technical term but when you’re talking about eating cocaine out from one, it seems like the appropriate one. When a 23 year old man and his 20 year old brother were taken into custody by police on allegations that their vehicle may contain drugs they panicked. Fortunately for the accused boys it wasn’t their car that contained the drugs, how ever unfortunately for the younger brother who soon consumed the once of cocaine, it was stashed in his brothers ass.

That seems like the all time brother hood loyalty. To protect his brother, he was willing to eat an ounce of cocaine from his butt. I’ve never eaten any amount of cocaine let alone any amount of anything from someone’s ass. But I assume its one of those things you only try once. And for this brother it was the last thing he tried, he died shortly after he ingested the poop-caine and is no longer available to answer the question of “how did it taste”? Lesson learned? I assume so.