We never find the death of anyone funny, but this story is one of those weird moments in life that you just can't help to note. 

When 89 year old Gwen Hendrickson from Cambridge, NY passed away, her husband Norman promised her that he'd see her soon and he certainly kept that promise - on the way to her funeral, he passed away in the limo. Part of Norman's obituary states:

When his beloved wife Gwendoline died on Friday, February 8, 2013 he told her that he would see her soon and Norm kept his word. On his way to her memorial service, dressed in his funeral clothes, riding in a limousine, he took his last breath and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the funeral home. At his family's request, Norm was casketed and his body was placed in the room with his wife so that friends and family could say their final goodbyes to both of them. As one of his daughters said, " Surprise. It's a double header."

Since he was already dressed in his suit, the family asked for him to be placed in a casket next to his late wife's ashes so family members could pay respects to both at once.

One thing we can say for sure is that THIS is true love. Our condolences with the family.