Police in Thailand arrested a man they say is a serial panty thief who admitted to stealing more than 11,000 pairs of underwear over the past 30 years.

The 48-year-old suspect was arrested just after breaking into a building in Bangkok’s Chinatown. He had more than 1,000 pairs of panties in his car. More than 10,000 others were discovered at his apartment. The man admitted to being a repeat offender since he was 18 years old.

“He smelled them all the time even while driving,” said police Major General Saroj Promcharoen.

One can only imagine that when this guy walks into Victoria’s Secret, it’s like Takeru Kobayashi walking by a hot dog cart.

While the suspect will be charged with stealing property as a result of the break-in, he faces no charges on the undies as no plaintiff has come forward to claim them.