The NHL is still locked out and that makes me wonder what are the players doing in their free time. Riley Sheahan, of the Detroit Red Wings, seems to be having some fun - in interesting ways. Riley was stopped last month, October 29th, in Grand Rapids for suspecion of driving under the influence.

He was driving on the wrong side of the road when cops pulled him over. As the cops arrived at the driver side window, they found Riley dressed up as Tinky Winky of the Teletubbies, the purple one.

That had to be a sight to see if you were driving by, to see me a man in a purple Teletubbies costume being administered a breathalyzer. By the way, Riley blew a .30 which is four times over the legal limit.

Riley, who is 20, was not only charged with DUI but also carrying false identification for giving the police a fellow teammates ID. He used that ID to get into the bar and drink.

According to the Red Wings front office, Riley is getting help and is due in court on December 13th.

Still no word on where he got the costume or why is wearing it. All I know is that had to be one hell of a party.