Things got a little scary at the Stewarts on Route Seven in Brunswick on Tuesday morning. A man walked in with a note that said he was carrying a bomb.

Imagine you are just minding your own business, working your shift at Stewarts, whena  man hands you a note. That note says give me your money, I have a bomb. That's what happened Tuesday morning at a Stewarts in Brunswick. Luckily for us, News 10 reporter Christine O'Donnell was there to tweet as it was going on.

The situation seemed to be diffused, and the police brought in bomb sniffing dogs just to make sure that the coast was clear. We'll keep you updated as to what is going on with the situation as the details begin to unfold. As of right now, no one is blown up.

UPDATE 8:45am

Christine O'Donnell reports that the Stewarts on Route 7 is back open, but they are still looking for the suspect.

Still no one blown up, yet.