In a story that makes this writer proud to call Ohio his home state (not really), a man was arrested for having sexual relations with a pool inflatable. Worst part? This isn't the first time the man has been caught getting it on with an inanimate object.

Edwin Tobergta of Hamilton, OH was arrested Wednesday morning after he was seen standing naked and getting inappropriate with a pink pool floaty. According to the police report, he was standing in full view of passing cars and nearby businesses.

Tobergta was charged with public indecency but this isn't his first run-in with such charges. He was charged with doing the same thing back in June of 2013 as well as in 2011. It doesn't end there either, he was busted in 2001 for getting it on with an inflatable pumpkin Halloween decoration.

In the 2013 court case, Tobergta pleaded guilty and was supposed to serve 11 months in jail but was released early.