I've heard of some stupid things to get busted for being drunk on - lawn mowers, go-karts, electric wheel chairs, etc - but never have I seen "drunk on a horse" before.

Mr. Charles Cowart has the mighty honors of being a first entraint in the "White Trash Theater" to feature a horse.

Charles was busted back in September last year for being on horseback and under the influence. He ignored a stop sign, didn't realize horses followed the same rules as cars and bikes, then police attempted to stop him.

Charles claimed he was on his way to his Grandmothers. Police asked him to get off the horse and that's when he gave police a chase.

During the chase, police actually had to have a train stopped in fear of it hitting Charles during the chase.

Finally the horse became tired and Charles began the next phase on foot. He was arrested a short time later and charged with obstructing officers and interfering with railroad tracks. There were other charges that eventually were dropped.

Charles pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 90 days in jail, which he already served by that point, and three years "drug offender" probation.

Flagler County Police