There are plenty of things I hope never to get hit with and in my top 10 is toilet seat. Twenty-year-old Norris Troutman is McGuiver of weapons but not the McGuiver of not getting arrested.

“According to the report, a deputy responded to Troutman's Fort Pierce home and met with the uncle, who said he was watching television when he heard "someone running down the hallway from the bathroom."

The uncle said Troutman had grabbed the toilet seat lid from the bathroom's window sill and "struck him in the back of his head with a toilet seat lid," the report said.” – nbcmiami

I give this guy thumbs up for utilizing his surroundings and finding a weapon in a toilet seat.

However, you got to frown upon the rookie move of running. If you have to head down a hall with a piece of bathroom furniture you are going to want to sneak. Sneaky toilet is the move not rampaging porcelain punisher!