A California man is accused of crashing in to a traffic light post, taking the red light camera attached to said post, and leaving the scene.

Manuel Montano Herrera was arrested over the weekend after police caught with up following an accident that allegedly involved him crashing in to a traffic light pole.

As seen in this picture (click the link for image), Herrera is attempting to adjust the part of the pole that crashed in to the bed of his truck following the accident. That photo was taken two miles or so from the crime scene.

According to the police report, Herrera said he was running late for work and that's why he left.

Herrera was later found at a friend's house attempting to get rid of the camera. He was booked on charges of 'hit and run traffic collision' and 'grand theft.' The camera is currently awaiting to be fixed which police will cost the city thousands of dollar.

As you may recall, red light camera have become a hot topic here in the Capital Region as of late. The City Council of Albany recently approved a measure to install red light cameras at various intersections throughout the city. The measure now awaits the approval from the state legislature for funding.