When first reading this we know what you're thinking, and yes, it's totally normal to bring a loaded gun with you to the mall. Those kiosk workers can be really annoying.

Reports are coming in that either a retired, or former police officer shot himself at Colonie Center on Tuesday night. His firearm accidentally went off at Sears, and his injuries are not life threatening.

News 10 is reporting that the gun that was fired was his personal gun, and some how the trigger got pulled. Thank God no one else got injured because if this carelessness. Next time you decide to bring your gun to the store to try on clothes, remember the safety, or leave your gun at home. That seems way more logical.


The man who was accidentally shot was 56 year old Ronald Talbot, a retired investigator for the New York State Police. The gun that he had was his own personal .22 revolver.

[Via WTEN]