The list of local celebrities continues to grow as a contractor from Malta is chosen to host a new reality series on National Geographic Channel.

John Bowler, a resident of Saratoga County, is the newest name on the local celebrity roster.  The 47 year-old "master-of-all-trades" will be the front-man of a new series called "Mad Scientist," which features Bowler visiting random places your or I would never go to invite hoarders "tinkerers" to create new gadgets out of whatever happens to be lying around.

Bowler's resume seems appropriate for such a gig as he is credited with creating the jet-powered minivan, fire-breathing wheelchair, and water-powered rocket belt.  The hitch is that whatever invention that's designed must be functioning before an audience within 48 hours.  It sounds like this is a show built strictly for the male population, though I don't know what lady wouldn't be impressed with a fire-breathing wheelchair!

The half-hour show will debut back-to-back premiere episodes beginning Wednesday, October 5th on NatGeo.