I know that we all don't like being hit with a foot of snow at a time, but I have found some things that you can do to make it seem like less of a pain.

Snow is sometimes beautiful, maybe even a little magical depending on the time of the year and your age. However for most of us snow just plain sucks.  Driving in it, having it blow in your face with the slightest gust of wind, caving in your favorite sports teams dome.  These are just some of the bad things we associate with devil made powder from the sky.

If you are by chance snowed in today, by choice or not here are some things you could do to maybe not hate this white evil so much.  Ok kids, take out your pens, or in this day and age, print this:

1) The old standard: Build a snow man

Not rocket science,but still never gets old.  Just make sure to knock it down before it gets all dirty and melty.

2)One of my favorites from when I was a kid: Build a snow fort and have an all out war with your friends.

3) Take the snow fort to the next level: Build an entire city and declare yourself king!

4) Catch up on TV shows you have been meaning too:  Come on, I know you want to know whats down inside that LOST hatch.

5) Take up Ice Sculpting: The materials have literally fallen out of the sky into your lap.  Now go get a chisle or screw driver and make art.