This guy in Dallas, Texas was pulled over in a routine traffic stop.  He knew that he had a warrant for his arrest for a minor charge, so he used his cousin's name instead.  He was sure that his cousin had a clean record, he was a family man with a wife and kids.  His cousin had a warrant for molestation.

This guy ended up going to jail for 13 months before he received a trial, apparently the judicial system doesn't have much sympathy for molesters.  When he finally had his trial, it was found out that he had used his cousin as an alias and they had the wrong guy.  The guy is now trying to sue the county for ignoring his pleas for help over the 13 months.  That's too bad, buddy.  The moral of this story is:  make sure your alias' record is actually clean before you go using it!

The Dallas Morning News reports: