A mailman in New Jersey is coming under a bit of heat for what someone filmed him doing while on the clock.

A YouTube user named Tim D filmed a woman walking up to the mail truck while it was parked across from their house. The woman begins to talk to the mailman, he gets out of the truck, she enters, the door closes, and they head to the back. The video is entitled "Trenton postal worker and hooker".

A cop pulls up in Part 2, below, and talks to the mailman as he jumps up to the front seat. The cops investigated the happens a bit complete with discussion behind the cruiser and an additional unit arriving to the scene.

No arrest were made and the cops drove away but that doesn't mean the mailman isn't in trouble. According to the employee handbook the postal workers are not "loiter or stop to converse unnecessarily" while on their route.

No comment was made from the local Postal Service as to the fate of the driver other then an investigation might be conducted.