We knew the new Mac OS, named Mountain Lion was due to be released this month, but we didn't know an exact date, until the day before yesterday. Mountain Lion is now available and Mac users are upgrading to the new offering from Apple, even me! So what's it like?

Well, I haven't gone too deep into the new system yet as I just installed it last night, but I can say I like it so far. The new integration with iCloud is nice. Now my reminders and notes as well as my documents, contacts and calendars are being synced to my iPhone.

On the surface, it all looks kind of the same. Not many changes to user interfaces. Small little things like seeing Notification Center in the upper right of my screen next to Spotlight. I can click the icon for it and see everything at a glance like my calendar events, software updates, as well as reminders and email. It pretty snazzy in my opinion. But if you would like a review from someone else, and a detailed one at that, check out the one on Arstechnica by John Siracusa. It's about 24 pages long and covers everything there is to cover in Mountain Lion. Someone stayed up burning the midnight oil.

As with any OS upgrade, I usually recommend to not install it on all your system at first, giving you time to get used to new things and if some bugs are found, this leaves you with a system you feel is stable for your needs. As I get to know a little more about the newest big cat, I'll install it on the other Macs in the house. Also, if you bought your Mac soon after the announcement of Mountain Lion at the World Wide Developers Conference back in June, you could be eligible for a free upgrade to Mountain Lion. If not, the cost to upgrade is only $20 through the Mac App store. Make sure to compare the required system specifications to your machine before attempting to upgrade.

Did you install Mountain Lion on your Macs yet? Let me know what you think.

$> Roar!