The band Halestorm is currently working on a new album which will be released in the spring.  Lzzy Hale, the sexy front woman of the band recently offered up some vocal tips for those who want to become singers in a rock n roll band.   Read her vocal advice and hear Lzzy on a live version of a new song called 'American Boys' after the jump. Lzzy starts her blog on with a simple statement that she decided and wants to have a career as a vocalist for 25 plus years.  It is something you can't do over night.   It take determination, lots of practicing and common sense.

Her first rule includes COMMON SENSE:

Know your boundaries, know your limitations. If you're tired, go to bed.

2nd rule:  BREATHING

Use your breathing from your stomach. Never use just your throat.  On her blog Lzzy gives a simple breathing exercise that you can try right now as you read this.

3rd Rule:  HYDRATE

Drink lots of water.  Avoid alcohol and too much coffee.

4th Rule:  FOOD

Eat at least two hours before you are to perform.   Eat healthy - If you eat crappy you will sing crappy.

5th Rule:  EXERCISE

Lzzy explains that she hates to exercise other than rocking out on stage,  but if she does a few minutes of cardio, her body feels much better.

6th Rule:  TOOLS

Lzzy writes that your voice is a tool , know the resonance areas and find your range though a head voice and a chest voice.


Lzzy offers up all kinds of remedies to help trouble shoot and find a solution if your voice is not performing the way it should or if you have a cold.    Her main thing is to get lots of rest and drink lots of water.  Water will help dilute any cold medications and to use lemon to boost vitamin C levels.


Be confident, the mind is a wonderful thing.  You've done your warm up, your hydrated and ready to go.   Don't think just do!

To read more in depth about Lzzy's vocal advice click here.