If you don't know who Lucy Treadway is, then get familiar. She's a nanny who almost got caught up in the whole Charlie Sheen blow up, but escaped just in time.

In this day and age it seems that there is a reality show about almost everything. Why not the nannies of Beverly Hills? That's the latest reality show. 'Beverly Hills Nannies' is set to debut on ABC Family on Wednesday. One member of the cast is the smoking hot Lucy Treadway.

She's a Cincinnati girl who's done all kinds of acting and modeling, and has now landed a gig as a certified kid watcher. As a matter of fact, she almost ended up in the whole Charlie Sheen mess from 2011. She applied to be the live-in nanny, but was turned away. Apparently Charlie's ex, Brook Mueller, felt threatened by her looks.

Lucy, if we ever find a lady that is willing to have kids with us, or if we take a trip to Cambodia and come back with a newly adopted baby, you can watch that little rascal any time you want. We just have a special uniform you'll need to wear. Hope you like pigtails. Too creepy?