I can handle the thick framed glasses and the ironic suspenders, but when you make it harder for me to get drunk, that’s where I draw the line! Restaurant Sciences did a recent study that showed that because hipsters ironically drink one beer other beers are now being priced much higher than before. Generally cheap bees like Budweiser, Miller lite, and Coors light have seen a price increase to make up for the increased sales in Pabst Blue Ribbon. I’m not positive how this math works but it all comes back to the hipsters in my book.

I've done my fair share of PBR drinking in my day, in fact I still dabble. However I don’t drink PBR to fit in or stick it to the man. A PBR in my world means if I bring $7 to the bar then I can have 6 beers and still tip the bartender. When you’re on a budget you don’t care if the beer you are drinking taste like a can even when it comes from a bottle. Hipsters love PBR and are forcing the price of somewhat better tasting beers to rise. I shouldn't care so much about this since I both can afford the price increase and still like PBR, however I just don’t like the idea of hipsters having this much control over my life!



PS: If you haven't herd of "the Offical PBR Pro Wrestler" Arik Cannon, I suggest you look him up. He's super awesome and you can bet NO BODY loves PBR more then he! NO BODY!