It is getting REALLY hard to like Matthew Fox these days.  The latest update to the recent party bus drama begins with Fox facing a lawsuit from the female bus driver whom he allegedly attacked while he was inebriated.

I have said more than once that I am a HUGE Lost geek. I was there through it all! From the season premiere in 2004, through season 3 (by far the most frustrating season), through time travel and flash sideways worlds, up until the unprecedented 9.5-hour extravaganza season finale including the before and aftermath shows analyzing what it all meant. I have been loyal to all the cast (except Kate, who I prayed would die every single week) and still mourn the loss of such an epic breakthrough TV show every once in awhile. I still haven’t even gotten around to re-watching the series since it ended – it just wouldn’t feel the same.

Even still, whenever I hear a story about one of the main cast I get a little thrill and always hope to see news of a reunion on one show or another. That’s why it’s so sad to see how Matthew Fox’s career has taken a complete downturn since the series aired its final good-bye.

First, it started with his alleged extra-marital affair with a stripper. As disappointing as that was, we’ve all seen this in Hollywood ad nauseum.  At that time, it seemed like everyone was copping up to engaging in a little action on the side everywhere you turned in Hollywood, so it wasn't too much of a shock when one surfaced about our beloved Jack.  He vehemently denied any that there was any truth to the rumors and we'll never really know, but the damage to his rep was already done.

Next, the rumors started flying about how he lost his virginity when he was 12. Obviously, I can’t speak as to the credibility to any of these rumors; something of that nature is incredibly private anyway so however it happened, it’s none of our business. However, I’d be lying if I said it would be pretty sad and gross if they really were true. Not to mention you can’t help feeling embarrassed for all parties involved in a rumor like that whether it’s true or not.

Now we come to the latest controversy where Mr. Fox was arrested after an incident last month on a private party bus. It seems our heroic Jack Shepard was a bit more than just three sheets to the wind already when he attempted to board a party bus for a private bachelor party. When the female bus driver (who claims she didn’t recognize Fox – not sure how much I believe that really) told him he wasn’t allowed on the bus, the fists started to fly. Now, Fox is being sued by the bus driver – and rightly so.

I’ve tried to stick by our hunky leading man through it all, but this last run-in is just too much. Fighting in general is asinine, but you can NEVER hit women, whether they hit you back or not – you just don’t do it. Being drunk is no excuse. Now, the only thing I can say that would SLIGHTLY resemble a workable defense for Fox is that ANYBODY who doesn’t recognize him must have been born under a rock. You don’t deny someone like him access to a party, and I highly doubt the gentlemen who were actual guests there would have objected to having a celebrity of his caliber join their fun. This whole thing could have been avoided if she just looked the other way for a celebrity, which, let’s face it, happens all the time anyway.

In any case, I cringe to see where the next turn will take us in the ever-increasingly sad life of the former Jack Shepard. This time, he deserves whatever the court gives him. Maybe he can find an island with some mystical powers and take a pill! Just remember to bring a camera crew so I can tune in Wednesday nights on ABC.