The man tasked with deporting Jews during World War II and implementing Nazi rule in occupied Russia, missing dairy has been found.

In a house just outside Buffalo New York was a last home of Alfred Rosenberg lost diary. Rosenberg was one of Hitler's main advisors. During the Nuremberg Rosenberg was found guilty and executed. The lawyer representing Rosenberg was Robert M.W. Kempner. It was believed that Kampner held on to many of Rosenberg's documents including the diary. But years after Kampner's death in 1993 the family turned over the Rosenberg document and still no diary. We now know that Kempner's secretary ended up with the diary and moved to upstate New York.

This dairy will help us fill in the gaps that the past left behind. This will give a voice to a monster and insight to the Nazi way of thinking. And that can be a double edge sword.