I’ve been taking some heat lately for trailing in our NFL picks competition between Keisha of the Bills cheer leading squad and myself.

I didn’t get too concerned early because there was plenty of time to catch up, and I have made things closer, but now there are only a few weeks left and I’m still behind 2 games. So what do I ask of you? To say a prayer that my picks come thru, and some of hers fall apart. Seriously, I used to date a girl that repeatedly beat me at foosball for 5 years of my life. It has affected me deeply, and if I lose to Keisha… I don’t know what I’ll do. I may recess all forms of competition for the rest of my life. To follow along, check out Keisha’s Picks on our page. And please, root for my teams! Pride is a terrible thing to have…especially when it’s hurting. Go Pats!!