It's a pretty miserable rainy day here in the good ole' Albany area, so it looks like a good day to catch up on some television.  I stumbled upon a Looney Tunes marathon and am I glad I did.

I think as kids, some of the first cartoons we are exposed too is Bugs Bunny and his gang.  It's a thing that even as adults we can appreciate.  I was planning on watching the third game of the Yankees Mets subway series, but rain in the City has the game on hold for a little bit.  So i decided to channel surf a bit.  To my surprise, the Cartoon Network was playing old Looney Tunes cartoons.

Not unusual for them, I have seen them on before, but this is a marathon!  Ones I haven't seen since waking up early on Saturday mornings as a kid to catch some before some of the lame new cartoons started.

It's also pretty cool since it's fourth of July weekend and some things that I think are associated with the USA have to be the Looney Tunes.  Kids across the world are exposed to these beloved cartoon characters created right here in America.

Of course my favorite was always Daffy Duck.  Always the underdog and always under appreciated.  He would have me laughing forever.  Even better was when he would team up with Bugs for some sort of adventure.  Glad my remote took me past this today!
If you weren't as luck as me to stumble upon this marathon today, then enjoy some of these I have shared!