The organizers of the London Olympics decided to reach out to some pretty big British musicians to perform.  Perhaps they should have done their research a bit better, because they sent a letter to The Who's manager wondering if Keith Moon was interested. 

There's one problem with reaching out to Keith Moon. You'll have to put a call into heaven, because he has been dead since 1978.  How does a committee in London, England not know that Keith Moon died over 30 years ago?

Not only did Moon leave this world 34 years ago, but his death was pretty famous.  He overdosed on prescription drugs after battling addiction, as well as being haunted by a car accident he got into where a man was killed.  Perhaps the Olympic committee should have looked into who they were contacting.

Reports indicate that the Olympics were also interested in John Bonham, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain, but still have not gotten word back if they'll take part.  Good chance they won't be able to attend, though.

[Via USA Today]