This past weekend in the Capital Region was probably one of the nicest of the summer.  To enjoy this great summer day, I took the family and headed to Lake George to spent some time on our boat at one of our favorite spots Log Bay.  As I soaked in the sun and watched the thousands of people & boats - I thought about the history of the bay.  It wasn't a party spot back in the day.  






Today Log Bay on Lake George is a bay where boaters come, drop anchor and spend the day swimming and partying in the shallow clear sandy bottom bay.  It's a great place to take the kids to swim and cool off standing in 3 feet of water.  There is a volleyball net in the shallow end of the bay and if you want to take a 1.7 mile hike to shelving rock falls you will not be disappointed.   Also on the last Monday in July is an event that was created in the late 90's called Log Bay Day.






Log Bay wasn't always a party spot.  It was home to hotel in the 1800's and then the Knapp Estate in the 1900's.  There are no remains of the hotel that used to be in Log Bay but you can get an idea with this photo.  It was called the 100 Island House.  The hotel was one of several on the east side of Lake George. (similar to today's Sagamore Hotel) If you ever wondered where all the sand came from in Log Bay on rocky Lake George.  Well now you know.  The sand was brought in for the beach at the hotel.



George Knapp of Union Carbide bought the property in 1894 and vacationed there until he built his estate.   He chose to build his luxurious vacation home in just below shelving rock face.  (thats the mountain behind the bay)  The home was destroyed by a fire in 1917.  If you decide to hike to the falls you can see the remains of the Knapp Estate Garden.







If you want take a hike to the Shelving Rock Falls, make sure your boat is secure!  It take about a hour, the trail is simple and somewhat easy to follow. It was a old carriage trail so its somewhat easy to hike.  Once at the falls, there is a spectacular view of Lake George and the Narrows.  Of course you don't have to go by boat to Log Bay or Shelving Rock Falls.  You can travel by car.




Take Route 9 to Route 149 to Buttermilk Falls Road, follow to the end and then bear left on Sly Pond Road. Sly Pond Road becomes Shelving Rock Road and at the end of that is a parking lot. From there you can find the trail.  Listen for the loud music and partying thru the woods and you'll find Log Bay.


The next time you head to Log Bay on your or your friends boat and while you down a beer or swim in the bay, try to envision what the bay looked like back in the day.



Log Bay a long time ago!

Log Bay Today!

[Lake George By Gale J. Halm, Mary H. Sharp]