Some folks take their love and passion for a sport to obsession levels or even beyond. Jim Vigmond is a huge fan (understatement) of the Toranto Maple Leafs and he bought a player used toilet (not pictured) from the old Maple Leaf Gardens for $5,300.

What would drive someone to buy a used and abused toilet from a team's locker room? Let's asked Jim who said "What a rare piece and just think of all the people that have spent time contemplating in the dressing room what lied ahead of them."

Now the next question: What do you do with a "famous" toilet? Jim is planning on using it for his own reflective moments. He plans to put it in his memorabilia room and might even sit on it from time to time with a cigar or a glass of scotch to go over "things."

See, this is what happens when you have too much money. I can see buying a seat from the old Yankees stadium but a toilet. Nope, $5,300 can be used for other various things in my life that are more important then a porcelain thrown of a once former home to a hockey team.

Want to know something even crazier? That's not the most expensive toilet in history! The "Catcher In The Rye" author J.D. Salinger's commodge apeared on Ebay for $1 million in 2010.