I was scrolling through all the local news this morning when I came across an article about an 86 year old woman who went back to school to get her masters.  Very inspiring.

This is 86 year old Macmillen Anderson.  In the 1950's she was so close to getting her Masters degree, but life got in the way of her doing so at Ithaca college in western New York.  Well this spring, Anderson was finally able to achieve that goal and finally got it.

As I was reading through the article in the Spotlight it was crazy to think that she almost had her thesis completely done but just never got around to finishing things.  Anderson said that she always meant to finish it, but things like marriage,kids, and teaching just got in the way of her doing so.  What an inspiration.  Here is this 86 year old woman who has done so much already in her life, and now she can put another notch in her belt.

Hats off to Ithaca college too for allowing her to finish things up.  A very classy move on their part.  The people who looked over her thesis said that it may have been written in the 1950's but it reflects issues that society is facing today, such as a lack of music programs for children across the country.

So congratulations to her!  You have inspired this radio guy to try and do some bigger and better things in the future!