On New Year's Eve I said to myself- 'I'm going to start the new year off right and not go into a random Stewart's in Malta, drop my pants, throw up my middle finger and spit on the floor like some sort of crazy.' Nope, not this old goat. 

44 year-old Cynthia Sadlemire, well, she can do what she wants, and she did! This lovely Mechanicville resident kept it classy while some dude paid for his fuel with employee's looking on in horror, I'm sure. That's all anyone ever wants to do, get a coffee pay for your gas and roll on. Thanks Cynthia, you ruined that!

Ms. Classy was charged with one count of public lewdness for dropping trou Jan. 2nd at the Stewart's on Route 9 and Cherry Choke Road. She's due back in Malta court Jan. 22.

And here you thought your New Year started off rough!