Band Name: Twisting Karma 

Tell us about your band!: Twisting Karma is a metal/hardcore band from Western Massachusetts. Formed in late 2008, we met in high school, realized we shared the same musical tastes, and decided to try to write our own music. Consisting of Mike Sommer (vocals, guitars), Dylan Scieszka (guitars), and Ben Langner (drums), we started writing a few songs and immediately began to play shows. Since then, we've been playing all over Massachusetts, Vermont, and New York. Last year, we recorded our first 'official' digital EP, 'This is Fate', at the renowned recording studio, Zing Studios, home of Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, Unearth, and many other big-name metal acts. Currently, we're writing new songs in the hopes of putting together a full cd sometime soon- but until then, we would like to get our music heard and get people excited to hear us, so that when we play a show away from home, people will recognize us and appreciate what it is we‘re doing. Until then, we love to write music, play shows, travel, and meet new people- and we'll continue to do so and hope for the best.

City: Albany
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