Band Name: The Cast Before The Break
Tell us about your band!: We are an indie/ambient rock band that can be found somewhere in New York State, although currently residing around Albany. Two years ago, we released an EP that some people enjoyed called, "As Your Shoulders Turn On You". It was successful due in large part to great fans, and more importantly, great friends (Although, we like to consider them synonymous). While finishing up our last year as students, we wrote, rehearsed, tore apart, re-wrote, demoed, and eventually recorded what is now our first full-length album, "Still". To record, we enlisted the help of Mike Lapierre, a man whose recording credits include work on albums we love. After what were some of the craziest, funniest, stressful, and long days we have ever encountered, we emerged from the depths with something we are genuinely proud of. We thank Mike for his talent, hard work, and inappropriate jokes. We thank our families for their support. And we thank you, our fans, for your patience. We have since released "Still" and continue to grow as musicians and as a band.

City: Schenectady

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