Band Name: Shattered Remains

Tell us about your band!: ...Straight out of a little town called East Greenbush, NY comes Fate Doesn't Forgive. A Metal band made up of 6 highly talented musicians. This bands roots date back to 2002, when Bassist/Vocalist Jordan Peirce met up with Drummer/Vocalist Brett Carl. Ideas were thrown around for a possible band, but nothing formed. A year later, Fate Doesn't Forgive, (Formally Army of 4 from 2002-2006) recruited Lead guitarist Joe Madeline. Ideas & different styles of music changed, new ideas were brought on, then we brought on in 2007 Vocalist Jeremy Buker. Then Dan Pendergast was brought aboard soon after.This created a name change, to Depris. Jeremy left a short time later to follow a side drum project. He was replaced by Vocalist John Bunney in late winter 2008. Dan was Kicked out of the band. Lineup changes have happened to the band over the last year, with Jeremy moving on to a drum project & Dan being kicked out, a name change for the band was brought up. Something new, Something Powerful. "Lineup changes happen in a band, you have to be really committed to the music if you really want to be in a band" says FDF's Drummer & Vocalist Brett Carl. "We will keep playing music and writing new material until there is nothing left in us." Says Fate Doesn't Forgives Members. Not a week later, after Dan's departure, a new guitarist was brought one, Tom Corellis. With the lineup set for 2009, A new name was born, Fate Doesn't Forgive. With some shows under FDF's belt, they let long time guitarist & good friend Joey go. Joey was a great influence to everyone in the band and will be missed. FDF decided to let joey go after numerous complaints and lack of professionalism. Back to square one, FDF shifted Jordan to lead guitar and brought on Tommy Miller (Formally from The Blue Titan) for bass. After a great run, John left to pursue a college degree. We wish him the best of luck. FDF brought on vocalist Staffano Arduini to pick up where John had left off. FDF Had Taken a break in late May 2010.  July 11th, 2010. Staffano, Jordan, Tom, and Brett have come back together to form a new band, Shattered Remains! New attitude, same kick ass sound. Look out for new music along with the original music you heard from FDF. Spetember 1st, 2010. SR sets out to record their first 5 song EP "A Few Without Faith" with producer Corey Larmour. Look for the Jaw dropping EP to release In November! Pick up your copy today! "Out to Impress, and turn heads. Mosh Pits and bloody noses. Come party with us.

City: East Greenbush

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