Band Name:  Seven Year Silence
 Tell us about your band!: Born out of a mixing and matching of several diffused Saratoga area metal bands like Act II, Ritual Catharsist, and Prozac, Seven Year Silence was originally comprised of four guitar players that needed a drummer, bassist, and singer. Of those four, Prozac guitarist Timmy Hoag assumed the responsibility of playing bass. Act II lead guitarist, Billy Sims, took on the arduous task of learning the drums. Tom Armer and Nick Alexander on guitars, completed the band to this point. A singer proved to be the most difficult component to acquire. The band tried out singers that never quite fit the bill. Seven Year even played out as an instrumental band on more than one occasion. Finally, during a Lamb of God show in 2008, Bill Sims ran into an old coworker of his named Abe Addy. Info was exchanged, a connection was made, a tryout ensued, and Seven Year Silence was formed and complete. The bands first gig was a battle of the bands in which the quintet was victorious all the way through the finals. The band has since made a name for itself in the Upstate New York area and continues to progress. Recently, Billy Sims left the band citing personal differences. The remaining members replaced Sims with a veteran of the drum and student of music itelf, Kenny Sutherland. Since Kenny's addition, Seven Year Silence has grown into an entity of brutal metal proportions as the world waits for more...

City: Ballston Spa/Albany


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