Band Name: Seeking Infinity

 Tell us about your band!: Seeking Infinity came together in late march by what most would consider usual means, an ad here an ad there, but from the first note that was struck it was evident that there was potential for this project to go beyond anything usual. What started out in a small garage is now moving in full force. We want to create a balance, of heavy and melodic riffs, and vocals, of old and new, a balance to bridge the generations for years to come! We hope that we may be on our way to acheiving that balance and something for all the masses to enjoy... we want this project to be not just about the completion we feel creating music, but the completion our fans get from our creations. Therefore we are open to any and all ideas regarding this project. Please comment, please email, and most of all please enjoy! All your suggestions will be taken into consideration as this band takes further form... Were all Seeking Infinity trying to fathom the concept of forever, and strange is the human soul, that however impossible it is to harness, we never stop dreaming with infinite possibilities. Find your Infinity and spend your life chasing it, it is never about the end but the journey to it. Shane, Lucky, Mike, and Justin.

City: scotia

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