Band Name: Rexford Bridge

Tell us about your band!: Straight out of the burbs of upstate New York, one could say that the sound of Rexford Bridge was almost a lifetime in the making. Friends since junior high school, Nick Amiccuci and Matthew Larkins had always shared and compared respective musical tastes. But it wasn't until 2002 that the two realized that perhaps it was fate that brought them together more than they could have known. Creating a unique blend of folk rock and blues, they played various local venues for nearly two years until the band hit a crossroads 2004. After taking a few years off, Nick and Matt began writing again, drawing from everything they had learned in their time away. The result is their first-ever fully produced studio single, 'Alright By You'. The song, which is the single off of their upcoming EP, has been getting excellent reviews. It is a mixture of their original sound and a fresh perspective of the endless possibilities that lie ahead. The band’s newest EP is set for a Winter 2010 release.

City: Albany, NY

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