Band Name: Remembering I'm Dead

Tell us about your band!: Our band name is Remembering I'm Dead.all of us are from different towns, but we're all from upstate new york.We have only been a band for a few months but you would think we've been together for years.We already have ten songs and they are awesome in my opinion.We are a hardcore/deathmetal band but its not just a bunch of noise.Some of our influences are Lamb Of God,All That Remains,Children of Bodom and August Burns Red.I cant speak for the vocalist because he likes death metal.the rest of us I have to keep him in check and not let him do that low growling crap.The reason I think we are awesome is because we are all very talented and have a lot of experience in playing our instruments,playing shows and having a get it done attitude and work very hard.Our myspace link is I'm not sure which song to send you.So here is one that probably gets the best reaction from most people.We hope to hear back from you.

City: Fonda

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